Beagle Watch acquires CSS Tactical

Beagle Watch Armed Response and CSS Tactical are companies synonymous with unrivalled proactive security service records. The recent acquisition by Beagle Watch of CSS Tactical has paved the way for the amalgamation of two of the very best security companies – taking innovation in crime management to new levels.

The single goal of the company is to reduce response times. Today Beagle Watch can confidently boast that they can offer you a 2-minute response to any triggered alarm on your property.

Both Beagle Watch and CSS Tactical have a proven track record in changing the face of crime trends in suburbs. This has not been achieved by using conventional Armed Response, but rather, by utilising a fully inclusive approach using the following:

– Pro-Active Policing –
– High visibility patrols, dedicated to your area –
– Lowest vehicle-to-client ratio –
– State-of-the-art Control Centre –
– Intelligence Gathering and Investigation’s Division –
– Law Enforcement Partnerships –

Beagle Watch also offers innovative security solutions, extending protection services beyond the boundaries of your home:

Smart Home Solution:

Our technology allows us to detect armed home intrusions, security breaches at your gate, provide you with views of all your cameras and full alarm-control via your smart phone.

Community-centric Solution:

Beagle Watch is a Public Space Specialist and works with each Residents Association to custom-develop a bespoke solution that will yield the best results possible.

Complex Solution:

Beagle Watch is the first company to offer a complete solution for complexes, not only protecting common areas, but also individual units within a complex.

Guarding Solution:

All of our guards are subject to rigorous security checks and undergo regular polygraph tests.

To see more of the armed response and security services we offer, visit the Beagle Watch website.
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