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iSentry is an automated video analysis system.

It uses Artificial Intelligence to learn the normal behavioral patterns of objects observed by a video camera. When an object displays activity that does not fit the model of normal behavior, the system highlights it as unusual and performs a number of automated responses. ISentry transforms a security environment from passive to active.

With its unique computer vision, developed for autonomous robots, iSentry can monitor every moving object in a camera’s view. It measures the size, shape, speed and direction of motion of every object it sees. From this it builds a model of behavior, which it considers normal. When an object behaves in a way that does not fit the normal model, iSentry identifies it as unusual.

The iSentry processing occurs in real time and within 10 seconds of detecting unusual behavior we are able to dispatch a CSS Tactical vehicle. With industry leading average vehicle response times of less than three minutes, the criminals are hardly able to get started before we arrive on the scene.

iSentry has the power to do three things other systems cannot:

Detect unusual activity (Ultra-smart surveillance)
iSentry can filter out over 95% of normal motion video and only present unusual activity to operators. It provides excellent & unrivalled situational awareness and the ability to achieve an effective, immediate response.

Multiple Camera Analysis and Management (MCAM)
iSentry handles large numbers of cameras by scheduling interesting video, allowing the operator to shift priorities to other tasks without missing critical incidents.

Reliable outdoor left-object detection
iSentry can reliably detect small objects left in busy OUTDOOR areas. iSentry can cope with almost all weather conditions, rain hail or shine.