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Security is made up of numerous layers. These include armed response, dedicated gate or street guards and protection of Public Space Areas.


CSS Tactical Armed Response is the most feared and effective armed response company in South Africa. Over the last six months the average response time to a call out has been 4 minutes, 13 seconds in response to 126 679 signals. This is the quickest response time of any security-related response service in South Africa.

CSS Tactical Officers are trustworthy, passionate and experienced. Many of our area managers come from an ex-military or ex-police background, and are subject to rigorous security checks and undergo regular polygraph tests. Training includes the use of firearms, unarmed combat, driving skills and public relations and is done when needed. All our guards are continuously evaluated by managers and supervisors. We believe our officers are well equipped with all the skills necessary to cope with all eventualities.

All CSS Tactical clients with armed response receive the following services:

24/7/365 alarm monitoring and armed response
24/7/365 private medical response
unlimited meet and greet service when returning home


Public Space Policing has proven to be effective in reducing the number of contact crimes experienced in residential suburbs. To meet these increasing challenges in the public security area, responsible institutions and organisations can tap into their own intelligence to successfully address possible security threats in advance. They optimise their internal structures, use synergies, and carefully balance costs and benefits of their measures. However, these institutions cannot act alone, as they need the full support of the public (community) to enforce these changes in public spaces. Without public support, threats cannot be combated entirely. The buy-in and support of residents’ associations is key to the effectiveness of this model.

This model not only benefits all members of a community but also encourages community living. It promotes safety outside private properties; being safe on the pavement, jogging in the streets, teaching the kids to ride their bicycles and walking the dogs in the park.

The key objectives of Public Space Security are to:

identify suspicious and criminal activity within the suburb
prevent criminals from getting to their target (your house or driveway)
apprehend criminals, and have them arrested by the SAPS
drive criminal activity out of your suburb